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Seamless Sending Experience

Simple Clerical Interface

Securely launch PocketHealth from any clerical staff’s computer within their web browser — no software required. In seconds, staff in any department or site can query for any patient within your PACS — even minutes after their scan — and move onto study selection. A simple interface means minimal training and a smooth organization-wide transition from CD transfers to instant, electronic image sharing.

Rapid Study Selection

Patient studies are rapidly fetched and populated in real-time from all of your local environments (including archive/repository storage) and presented to clerical staff for quick selection. Meanwhile, administrators maintain complete control over user access, and can build nuanced, automated “business rules” around which records are available for release by their clerical team. The end result? A release platform that everyone can use, from Emergency to Radiology and everyone in-between.

Instant PDF Generation

After study selection, a unique PDF is created with a secure PIN, patient DOB and easy-link accessible by any receiving party, regardless of their internet connection, EMR or RIS/PACS.


Share your PDF through 2 easy options

based on your receiver’s preference


If you know the department or site that your records need to be transferred to, simply enter in their Fax number and your access PDF page will be sent across in a few seconds. Secure eFax keeps information HIPAA/PHIPA-compliant and encrypted along the way, and you’ll receive a confirmation immediately once your transfer has been successful.


Printing your PDF is perfect for when a patient needs to be released to another facility immediately, but the receiving party is not yet known (e.g., an ER release to a paediatric hospital or stroke center). Simply print off the page, hand it to your patient and any receiving physician/receiving facility can access, view and import records with ease.

Full-Featured Experience for all Receiving Sites

Empower your receiving parties to access, view
or download records from any workstation, in seconds.


Receiving parties can securely access records from any hospital/clinic workstation: no account set-up, bookmarking, training or software required — period.


With one click, physicians can view all transferred imaging & reports in a blazing-fast, regulatory-compliant, zero-footprint viewer.


DICOM files can be downloaded without compression and easily imported into any RIS/PACS. No fancy proprietary formats: just original imaging files and a DICOMDIR, ready for importing.

Unlock Powerful Diagnosis for your Receiving Physicians
with an Industry-Leading, Zero-Footprint Viewer

Whether they’re a consulting clinician, surgeon, or radiologist pursuing diagnosis, your receiving physicians will be empowered to access diagnostic quality images using a feature-rich cloud viewer, from any location, on any device, right from the access page your PocketHealth platform generated minutes ago.

Introduce your physician community to a viewing experience without limits, and give your patients the seamless chart transfer experience they deserve.

Use Cases

Urgent ER Transfer

Your patient is sitting in an ER bed awaiting discharge to the downtown stroke center. They were stabilized at your site hours ago, but need their Head CT viewable by their receiving care team. Typically, this means submitting a CD request to Film Library and waiting hours for the imaging to be run down. Now, your ER can run independently of Diagnostic Imaging by printing off their patients’ access pages and handing it to their caregivers as soon as discharge is approved. The end result? Reducing hundreds of hours of discharge time monthly across the department and saving precious minutes in critical transfer scenarios.

Requesting a External Consult

You have a paediatric inpatient whose studies require a external consult by the leading Children’s Hospital in the region. You typically print the requisition, package it with a CD of the patient’s studies and courier the package over to the Children’s Hospital (arriving 2 days later). Now, any staff member across the hospital can share imaging, your radiologists’ reporting and request-for-consult in one fluid action, cutting down turnaround time for your receiving site and getting your patient the specialized care they need even sooner.

Providing Breast Imaging Priors

You receive a fax or call from an out-of-state imaging site: they are waiting on a prior mammogram study from your Film Library before they can finalize their breast screening exam. Instead of burning a CD and couriering it across the country you can simply return the fax with a fax of your own, and finalize your patient’s chart transfer in seconds. Your receiving sites experience a no-hassle import experience directly into their PACS and reduce their reporting turnaround time by weeks. Meanwhile, your site saves thousands a year in CD & couriering fees and you eliminate weeks of anxious waiting for your breast imaging patients.

Providing Referring Physicians with Image Access

Your patient left without enrolling for imaging access, and now (2 weeks later) their cardiologist calls looking to view the echo imaging for the report they received — with only minutes left in the consult. In a pinch, your Film Library can select the patient’s study, type in the physician’s fax number and provide secure viewing access without slowing down their workflow. No bookmarks, account management or software required means happier referring physicians and another consult rescheduling avoided for your patient.

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