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How It Works

1. Fill Request Form

Fill out a paper form to enroll at your hospital/clinic, or enroll online right here.

2. Pay Fee

Once you filled out a form, you would pay an $5.00 transfer fee.

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3. Wait for Email

A few minutes to a few hours/days later, you will receive an email with a secure link to your account, with all of your available imaging records.

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How Does Pricing Work?

For every transfer of records, you are asked to pay a $5.00 fee. A transfer includes your entire available imaging history from your hospital/clinic. Once you’ve paid that fee, all imaging records in that transfer are stored forever, without any further fees for accessing/sharing those records (ever). Exams you get done in the future would be considered a new transfer, and would ask for another $5.00 Transfer Fee if you want to store them within your account.

Grace Period

Any new imaging exams done at the same clinic/hospital over the next two weeks after your Transfer will automatically be added to your account without charge. This is helpful if you couldn’t book exams on the same day or your physician needed you to get additional exams.

Secure Payments

We never store your credit card information, so you’ll never be auto-billed and will be asked to provide explicit consent every time you make a new payment.

Our online transactions are secure and encrypted with bank level security.

Sustainable Pricing

We’ve designed our pricing to be as affordable and accessible to all patients. However, if you are unable to pay due to personal means, please call in to our Support Line and we’ll waive your fee automatically — no questions asked. You can learn more about our Sustainable Pricing promise here.

When Will I Receive My Records?

We are integrated directly into our partnered hospitals and clinics, so you typically will receive access to your records just a few minutes after submitting your enrolment request.

Your first transfer of records is your entire imaging history from your hospital/clinic. If you have a very large history, you may wait up to a few hours.

If you just had an imaging exam, it may take a bit longer to receive that specific exam. Due to record release policy of certain hospitals/clinics, they may release imaging a few hours or days after your exam date. They may also require your radiologist report be finalized before releasing the images from your exam.

We try to be transparent about the timeline before you make any request and, since our founding, we’ve been leaders in the industry in pushing for instant patient access to imaging records.

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