Unify Your Foreign Exam Retrieval Process with


Receive Imaging from Any Source

  • Patients upload CDs right from home
  • External hospitals/clinics push imaging minutes after your request
  • Local clerical staff import CDs using the same simple interface

Zero-Footprint Upload Experience

  • No software, account-setup or infrastructure required to upload imaging
  • Patients and providers can upload in seconds, using only their web browser
  • Strong encryption and file validation secures all uploads to your site

Full Workflow Automation

  • Reliable rules-based MRN matching
  • Automated RIS/HIS-based order creation
  • Automated DICOM header amendment

Retrieve any Prior Studies, From Any Source

Use a single unified interface to retrieve imaging in minutes from patients, external hospitals/clinics, or even from CDs that have been brought in on-site. Replace waiting weeks for couriered CDs or setting up numerous 1:1 connections with a flexible universal upload platform that’s suitable for wherever your prior imaging happens to reside.

Patients Upload CDs right from Home

Patients avoid unnecessary trips to your hospital/clinic site and can easily upload all DICOM imaging from their CDs directly from home, using your secure upload portal. No account set-up or software required, and dedicated PocketHealth phone/live-chat support in case any patients need a helping hand.

Point External Clinics/Hospitals to Your Zero-Footprint Uploader

Instead of arranging for a CD courier (or building site-to-site connectivity), your external imaging sites can visit your upload portal and securely push imaging to your site in seconds. Just like for your patients, no account set-up or infrastructure is required — simply email/fax across the short URL (typically: pocket.health/[YourOrg]) and your sending sites will do the rest.

Clerical Staff Use the Same Platform to Upload Imaging On-Premise

For CDs that (unfortunately) find their way on-site, your clerical team can use the same streamlined platform to import imaging directly into your PACS.

Patient Users Share Right from their Account

Lastly, patients with their studies already on PocketHealth can push imaging to your PACS directly from their account. With over 500 connected imaging providers across North America and patients uploading imaging from non-connected providers (via CD) to their accounts every day, there’s a good chance your patient’s prior imaging is already stored on the PocketHealth platform, just waiting to be securely pushed to your site.

Seamless Uploading Experience

A unified, web-based portal for both patients and external imaging providers serves as a secure mailbox for all prior studies. Uploading imaging takes seconds and requires no account set-up beforehand: senders simply visit the portal URL and upload imaging directly from their web browser — no Java or other plug-ins required.

Secure Automated PACS Import

Once imaging has been received, your local PocketHealth Gateway ensures DICOM conformance, runs through a series of security scans and intelligently amends all studies to match the appropriate patient MRN and your team’s annotation requirements for external imaging (e.g., accession prefix, issuer name, inst. name, etc.). The end result? True automation of your foreign exam import process and knowing that your foreign exam management policies are applied to every external study, every time.

Imported exams can be pushed into a segregated archive (awaiting review by RIS/PACS) or into the production environment directly based on the type of study, the purpose for import (e.g., billing/prior-only), source of study and more. Once imported, the relevant internal physician is notified via email that prior imaging is available within their local archive to view.

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