It’s Time to Rethink How You Share Patient Data.

Discover an Alternative to Burning CDs

When a patient, their physician or specialist requires an imaging file, there’s a more responsible option than burning a CD. PocketHealth is trusted by hundreds of hospitals and imaging clinics every-day to securely transfer imaging to their patients. PocketHealth deploys in any RIS/PACS environment, allows patients to share into any physician EMR and is up and running in minutes.

HIPAA/PHIPA-Compliant & Secure

Unlike CDs, our cloud infrastructure allows healthcare providers to share imaging data with patients and physicians with confidence. HIPAA/PHIPA-compliance, audit-friendly logging and 256-bit SSL encryption is just the start.

Immediate Administrative Savings

PocketHealth is free for all healthcare institutions - forever. We collect administrative fees from patients in return for permanent online storage of their imaging records. In doing so, we can offer providers a costless, more secure alternative to CD-burning or physician portals.

Trusted by Hospitals, Imaging Centers & Patients

Every week, physicians at hundreds of institutions and thousands of patients access imaging records through PocketHealth. Our partnered imaging centers trust our infrastructure every day to securely send their patient data, and patients trust us to securely store it forever.

1-Click Enrollment

PocketHealth’s web-based “1-click” model works with all PACS software and requires no software installation or integration. Simply query and click on a patient and they’re enrolled - it’s that easy. Your front desk staff are trained in minutes and our support team is always on-hand for every launch. No-hassle integration and amazing live support - that’s our promise.

25X Faster Than CD Burning

1-click enrollment, a best-in-class file transfer protocol and an easy sharing interface means saving an average of 90 minutes a day per administrative staff. Patients receive their records instantly and your front desk can focus on delivering a great patient experience. It’s that simple.

Instant Patient Access

With no app installation required, patients can access their secure image portal on any device, anywhere, and easily share their results with their physician. Instant access means that patients avoid return visits to pick up CD copies, and permanent online storage means their results are there when they need them. With an easy-to-use interface and growing educational materials, it’s no surprise that over 98% of PocketHealth patients are more likely to recommend their imaging center after accessing their results online. The bottom line: PocketHealth makes sense for patients and imaging centers alike.

Robust Physician Sharing

With 2 clicks, patients can share their entire imaging record with any referring physician or specialist. Unlike with CDs, physicians receive access days before their patient consultation, can preview imaging directly from their EMR using a robust, online viewer, and can download raw DICOM files for analysis. For offline sharing, patients can also burn their own CD or USB with a diagnostic-grade viewer for their doctor. A flexible, cloud-based platform with immediate access to patient results? Now that’s something physicians can get behind.

> Learn why over 94% of referring physicians and specialists prefer to access imaging using PocketHealth

Advanced Release Controls

Transform your record release policies, no matter how nuanced, into automated “Business Rules” with just a few clicks. Create rules based on any DICOM header variable, delay/expedite release under specific conditions and finally know for certain that your organization’s record release policies are being applied for every patient, every modality, every time.

Closely Manage Patient Messaging

Responsible record sharing means more than sending image files. We understand patients need guidance on how to use their record to improve their care, and that means emphasizing the importance of medical expertise in interpreting their imaging. With PocketHealth, patients receive guided messaging to encourage proper use of their records and, unlike with CDs, raw DICOM viewing or processing functions are limited to medical professionals only. A toll-free patient support line and online resources help patients stay informed and always reach out to their physician for medical questions. The end result is simple: more educated patients and physicians that are kept in the loop. How’s that for responsible record sharing?

Free for Hospitals, Imaging Centers & Physicians

Our vision for a more responsible method of patient record sharing starts and ends with affordable access for all users. This means we charge patients a nominal administrative fee in return for permanent online storage of their imaging records. These one-time fees are on average 45% lower than CD burning fees and also mean that PocketHealth can stay free for all healthcare institutions — forever. The end result: more affordable access to imaging for patients and immediate administrative savings for imaging centers.

These records will be stored permanently in your account, and can be securely accessed anytime, from any device, using your login credentials.

Secure & Audit-Friendly

HIPAA and PHIPA compliance, strong encryption and robust account controls keep patient data secure and allow imaging centers to transfer data in compliance with required regulation. Unlike with CDs, automatic patient ID verification means that the only studies a patient can access is their own - making erroneous record transfers a thing of the past. With PocketHealth, imaging centers can maintain an audit-friendly log of all data transfers and easily export into compliance software for analysis. Simple administrative tools allow administrators to easily audit multiple sites as well as remotely update patient records in the event of re-imaging.

Let’s Change How We Think About Record Sharing

Burning CDs for your patients and physicians just doesn’t make sense anymore. Join the thousands of healthcare professionals and imaging centers already using PocketHealth and start responsibly sharing imaging data with your patients. It’s time to rethink your imaging sharing process, and we would love to show you how.

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