Integrate Without Compromise

We know that providing responsible record access to patients is important to you and your customers. PocketHealth's flexible integration tools allow you to embed powerful patient sharing functionality into your application without compromising on the customer experience you work hard to maintain.

Simple RESTful API

A predictable, concise, and optimized API means that your platform can get up and running with PocketHealth with limited development resources.

Dedicated Integration Support

A dedicated integration rep, robust testing resources and detailed documentation mean that your dev team has the support it needs to succeed.

Free (forever)

PocketHealth is free for RIS/PACS vendors, healthcare providers and physicians — forever. Your team can focus on an optimized integration while we focus on the best patient experience possible.

No Workflow Change for Customers

Deliver records to patients seamlessly in the background of your application without any UI or workflow updates for your clinical users.

Chat with the PocketHealth Team

If you are a patient:
Patient Support (toll-free):
1-855-381-8522 (Mon - Fri, 9AM - 5PM)
If you are a healthcare administrator: